Publishing Any Which Way

I have decided to self-publish a book through CreateSpace.  Ta da!  It took me a few years to write and edit my first book, Her Very Own Demon.  Years of getting up at 4am to write while the kids were still asleep, years of writing and hoping that someday I would finish the book and it would be published.  I finally finished writing and editing (and editing and editing).  My very own book was ready for the world!

My great friend Amy, who has published quite a few wonderful novels through real publishing houses, introduced me to her NYC literary agent.  Great friend, isn’t she!?!  Her agent loved my book, agreed to represent it, and sent it out to publishers.  None of them accepted it.  All of them liked it (they are honest with an established agent, not giving platitudes, so I’m guessing they meant it), but every one of them had a reason for rejecting. 1) Didn’t fit in with their season’s lineup.  2) Already had enough books on the same general topic in their catalogs.  3) Not as much interest among the public as there used to be in the topic. 4) The main character Hope is a little too strange.  Etc.  Etc.  If you’re a writer, I’m sure you’ve heard these reasons before.

So no publishing house wanted my book.  But I’ve spent way too much time writing and editing (and hoping) to simply let it fade away and die.  The alternative?  CreateSpace, here I come!!  I’m doing the basic publishing package, creating everything myself, from page layout to cover design.  I’m a writer, so the graphic work is all new to me.  But I’m trying.  It has become much more of an adventure than I anticipated.  That’s a good thing, though.  I’m learning and working, and still hoping.

At least my book will be out there.  Even if no one buys it, it will be out there in the world, the possibility always there, instead of sitting forgotten on my computer.  Hope springs eternal….


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