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         Her Very Own Demon blends crime thriller with complex character evolution, while exploring a deceptively simple question. What will a person do, how will she change, what atavistic impulses will she involuntarily display, when terrorized beyond the limits of rational comprehension?

          The Ghost abducted and murdered fifteen talented young women, one after the other in an increasing frenzy. Lieutenant Kevin Mahoney investigated the case to the point of collapse, desperately trying to determine the Ghost’s identity before he could kill again. And then the murders stopped. No additional bodies were found. For two years it was if the Ghost had simply vanished. Something Mahoney had discovered, though he didn’t know what, scared the Ghost badly enough to retreat into hiding.

          Two years later, now, the Ghost has suddenly returned. But this time he is making it personal, taunting the Lieutenant who nearly caught him. He tells Mahoney the identity of his next intended victim, a reclusive writer named Hope Lang. He wants Mahoney to know a victim before she dies, so that the sound of her voice, the curve of her smile, will haunt Mahoney for the rest of his life. Mahoney must protect Hope while continuing to pursue the killer. And Hope, painfully shy, must summon the strength, courage, and fury to confront her very own demon.

Brilliant Cover- front

          Miranda Cole isn’t your typical rich girl. She likes to set fires. She burns buildings down to the ground, watching as flames roar against the night sky with their searingly destructive beauty. Those flames, their heat and light and fury, are reflected in the sculptures she carves from granite. Sculptures depicting her own blazing torment, years of horrific abuse endured when she was younger. In the fires she sets she yearns to break free from the past, from the sadist who brutalized her, and emerge somewhere far away, in a place of peace and tranquility. Only one more fire to set, and she will be free.

          Unbeknownst to Miranda, federal agents have identified her as a serial arsonist. They send Patrick Sullivan undercover to gather evidence against her. He soon learns that she is not as she seems. She isn’t a sociopath, devoid of conscience, or a twisted creature, thriving on destruction. Her arrogance and derision mask a seething depth of feeling, and a determination to use any means necessary to wrest control of her future. Despite his assignment, he finds her more than intriguing, sensing that she has hidden motives.

          They meet. They begin to merge. Their truths will collide.


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